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"The Adventure Boat Company have the largest range of adventure orientated day boats in Australia. Cutting edge European design. The latest  in marine innovation. Brands that represent the future of marine design."

Saxdor 320 GTC | The Adventure Boat Company


Something extraordinary

The Saxdor range are an incredibly versatile, family friendly day boats that combine the ultimate in entertaining with an incredible driving experience.

Quarken 27 Cabin | The Adventure Boat Company


The art of Nordic design

Get ready to explore beyond the everyday horizon with Quarken. Boats that represent beautiful simplicity and clean state-of-the-art Nordic design.

Aquaspirit AQS | The Adventure Boat Company


Uniqueness in design

European built RIBs with an environmental edge, Aquaspirit are renowned for exceptional performance in extreme environments.

XO DFNDR 9 | The Adventure Boat Company


Step to the wild side

For ultimate explorers, the XO range combines military grade Deep-V aluminium hulls with the creature comforts of a modern cruiser.

Samba 11 Open Sun Top | The Adventure Boat Company


SUV of the seas

Samba Powerboats.  Extraordinary, fully customisable, precision engineered boats from the manufacturer of America’s Cup race yachts.

RAU Yachts 770 Moana | The Adventure Boat Company


Next generation of family cruisers

Designed for comfortable day trips, weekend cruises and overnight stays.


Saxdor 400 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

We are the exclusive dealers of some of the most incredible, multi award winning European boat brands in Australia.

These brands represent the most exciting and innovative range of adventure orientated day boats to hit Australian shores. And with such a wide selection of models, we're sure we have the right boat for every customer.

rendered Quarken_X8A8810.jpg

Through careful research and thorough examination, every brand that we represent offers a complete range of high quality, highly efficient and highly innovative boats to Australian customers. Each boat offers a different driving experience, and we can help you to choose the brand that suits you best. So talk to the experts, and we’ll help to make your boating dreams come true.

Saxdor 320 GTO, 225hp Mercury Engine | The Adventure Boat Company

A network of national sales and service service locations means you are never far away from help and assistance.


Our centres offer stress free servicing options, and our State Managers are only a phone call away.

XO DFNDR 9 | The Adventure Boat Company

Want to test drive the latest models being released from our range of amazing brands?  We regularly hold test weekends, allowing you to experience all of the new models that are about to hit Australian shores.

Be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter "Hooked On Adventure" for priority invitations to view and test new models.

XO Crossover | The Adventure Boat Company

Get out and explore . . . with fellow Adventure Boats customers.


We hold regular trips that really allow you to explore the full capabilities of your boat, in a friendly, fun environment.


The Adventure Boat Company offers a multitude of options to get the most out of your boat.

The Adventure Boat Company Team

A passionate and knowledgeable team is at the heart of The Adventure Boat Company.

With deep industry expertise, as well as be keen boaties themselves, our team can provide you with the most up to date information on new boats, the latest innovations, and provide the right information to ensure you always make an informed decision.

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