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Publications don’t come any more prestigious than Europe’s ‘Motorboat & Yachting Magazine’, with one of the largest subscriber lists anywhere in the world, and the organiser of one of the marine industry’s most coverted annual awards events (where the Saxdor 200 Sport swept the board this year).

When Motorboat & Yachting undertake a boat review, it’s usually time to sit up and listen. When Hugo Andreae, the magazine’s Chief Editor undertakes it himself, it takes on even more significance!

Rarely does a boat impress it’s reviewer so much that he wants one himself, especially someone as experienced as Hugo. However, we have detailed his final summary below;

“The Saxdor 320 GTO is a really fun, enjoyable sports boat with a fantastic seating area. It’s a boat that works both as a driving machine, but also as a platform where you can just chill out and spend a lovely day out with your mates. It’s the kind of boat I’d quite like for myself if I’m honest!”

High praise indeed, and you can watch the review for yourself by clicking on the link below.

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