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The Adventure Boat Company : Quarken. Quarken 27 Open
The Adventure Boat Company : Quarken. Quarken 27 Open
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The 27 Open is the ultimate companion for open air-boating. Get ready to enjoy her captivating driving characteristics, sporty and sleek looks, and versatile and flexible space solutions.

The 27 Open is at its best when out day boating. A perfect choice for water sports and other leisure activities out on the sea, lounging anchored in a favourite spot, and a fast and sporty boat to take you safely to your next favoured position.

The Adventure Boat Company : Quarken 27 Open

Technical Specifications

Quarken. Born in Finland. Designed in Finland. Built in Finland.


Finland is the home of some of the finest marine craftsmen in the world, and when it came time for Quarken to decide where to construct their incredible boats, they landed right back on their own shores.


 Nothing is outsourced. Everything is done in-house to exacting standards, and from just $239,995 on the water, incredible value for money doesn't has to come at the expense of exceptional quality and durability. 

The Adventure Boat Company : Quarken 27 Open

Length (exclu. engine)


Weight (exclu. engine)

Draft to props






Max speed

Fuel consumption, cruise

Fuel capacity

8.35 (27.39 ft)

2.59 (8.49ft)

2350kg (5181 lb)







45 kn

1,4 L/NM

300 L (79 gal) 

Technical Specifications

The Adventure Boat Company : Quarken 27 Open

Every Quarken 27 has been designed around the next generation Yamaha F300 V6 4.2L Offshore outboard which offers next generation control, next generation integration, next generation styling and original Japanese reliability.


What's more, every Quarken boat comes standard with Yamaha's built in Digital Electric Steering (DES) delivering extremely precision, smoothness and a huge advancement in boat control.


The digital steering compliments the digital fly-by-wire gearshift and throttle controls, again a standard feature on every Quarken boat.


And when combined with Yamaha's Helm Master EX control system, these engine packages deliver a boating and fishing experience like no other.


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