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"With the same relentless focus on performance, design, and value for money, the Saxdor 270 is one of the most versatile in its category."


Following the success of the 200 and 320 models, Saxdor Yachts presents the 270. With every square inch of onboard space designed for convenience, this new, versatile, and smart boating solution is packed with features usually reserved for craft in a higher price bracket.


The founder and chief designer of Saxdor Yachts, Sakari Mattila, known also as the founder of Axopar, XO, Aquador, and Paragon, says: “The 200 and 320 have proved extremely popular with customers. With great excitement, we introduce the 270 GTO to the market. With the same focus on performance, design, and value for money, this boat is one of the most versatile in its category. 270 and coming 400 model range are the next steps of the Saxdor fleet.”

Available for pre-order.

Better, by design


Designed using the Saxdor signature —the light and soft-riding twin-stepped hull—the Saxdor 270 GTO delivers speed performance and fuel efficiency well-known from the brand’s earlier models. A deep V entry hull reduces the impact, building on the overall boat stability.


Light and strong construction, built using the vacuum infusion technique, results in a watercraft that is easy to tow on a road trailer, opening a new world of boating for those who want to venture outside of their usual cruising area. Fitted for one outboard 225 to 300 hp engine, the Saxdor 270’s design offers fuel efficiency.

Saxdor 270 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

The sleek proportions of Saxdor 270 disguise a sleeping cabin, equipped with a two-person regular-size sleeping berth, and a toilet with a sink, elevating the 270 GTO from a fast day boat to a stylish weekender. Inside, plenty of natural light--coming through the skylight and hatches--enlarges the entire space.


The symmetrical cockpit supports the balance of the boat; the depth of the portside sidewalk allows one to move around confidently; a convertible dinette also adds sunbathing space in aft. The glass transom is an excellent safety feature.


The only model in its class to feature both a wet bar and face-to-face seating for up to six people, the Saxdor 270 GTO proves there are new territories of functionality to be explored with the brand’s new model unveil.


Every Saxdor 270 GTO comes with an integrated plug-and-play Simrad network, allowing for full integration of systems. In its ultimate guise, the GTO can be optioned with twin Simrad screens under a single pane of touch screen glass. Sleek, sexy and above all, functional.

Length (ex. engine)


Weight (exclu. engine)

Draft to props





Max speed

Fuel consumption, cruise

Fuel capacity

8.45m (27.7ft)

2.6m (8.5ft)


0.51m (1.67ft)



ISO Cat. B & C, ABYC


47 kts+

1.7 L/NM

300 L

"With every square inch of onboard space designed for convenience, Saxdor’s big sensation, the 270 GTO, will keep surprising you every time you step on board."


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