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Saxdor 320 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

"A new era of adventure orientated day boating has arrived. The Saxdor 320 GTO represents a new era in boat design, performance and adaptability, without equals."

The Adventure Boat Company : Saxdor Yachts. Saxdor 320 GTC European Powerboat of the Year



The multi award winning Saxdor 320 GTO has redefined the day boat category. 


With it's twin stepped performance hull, a huge dining and entertaining area and drop down terraces that provide the deck space of a 40ft boat, nothing comes close to this vessel in terms of performance, entertainment and flexibility of use.

Not content with having the largest dining area in its class, the GTO is also one of the most comfortable boats to spend a few days onboard. With an integrated wet bar with the ability to include twin fridges, a sink with fresh water and an electric or gas BBQ, an extended stay becomes an absolute joy.

And let's not forget the ability to configure the seating to meet your exact requirements. You can specify the GTO to have a huge, mediterranean style day bed at the back, as well as a double sun lounge at the front for an additional chill-out area, making it the ultimate entertainer.

Incredible design. Incredible functionality. Incredible flexibility. All in one incredible boat.

Better, by design.

Saxdor 320 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

Electrically operated side terraces are standard on every Saxdor 320 GTO. Creating the deck space of a considerably larger vessel, the terraces provide ultimate flexibility in the use of space. With class leading seating capacity of up to 10, the entire family can sit down and dine together in comfort.

Saxdor 320 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

The Saxdor 320 GTO's hull has considerably higher gunwales than it's competitors. This results in a dryer ride and the ability to handle considerably larger seas in comfort. With CAT B certified walkways onboard, the 320 provides ultimate safety without the need for additional handrails, maintaining the clean design lines throughout.

Saxdor 320 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

The GTO's seating can be configured to meet your exact requirements. Leave blank to configure with a bespoke fit out, choose a seating option that fits 10 people around the table for lunch, or create a huge rear 12ft x 8ft sun lounge for the ultimate chill out zone. Not forgetting the additional double sun lounge up front for incredible seating options onboard.

Saxdor 320 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

Every Saxdor 320 GTO comes with an integrated plug-and-play Simrad network, allowing for full integration of systems. In its ultimate guise, the GTO can be optioned with twin Simrad screens under a single pane of touch screen glass. Sleek, sexy and above all, functional.

Saxdor 320 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

The Deep-V bow and twin stepped hull of the GTC provide ultimate seamanship and class leading performance fuel efficiency. In the standard single V8 300hp outboard format the GTO can achieve a top speed of 39kts, whilst twin V6 225's achieve 46kts and twin V8 300's achieve a class shattering 54kts+.

Saxdor 320 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

Every Saxdor 320 GTO comes equipped with a spacious front cabin, seperate seating area, storage cupboards and an en-suite bathroom. Overnight stays onboard are something to look forward to.

10.28m (33.72ft)

3.10m (10.17ft)

2650kg (5842 lb)

0.72m (2.36ft)

300hp - 600hp




54 kts+

1.7 L/NM

450 L (118 gal) 

Length (ex. engine)


Weight (exclu. engine)

Draft to props





Max speed

Fuel consumption, cruise

Fuel capacity

"With terraces down, you have the deck space of a 40ft boat in a 32ft package with a 28ft price tag. There has never been such value for money, especially one that delivers such performance and versatility.""


"You know a boat is fun to drive when you have just as much fun editing the video as you did driving the boat! We drove her offshore in some pretty decent waves which don't really show their true size on camera. If you're looking for a boat that's easy on the eye and absolutely hauls then you need to keep the Saxdor 320GTO on your shortlist."

"I actually couldn't sleep the night before testing this beast of a boat and wow was it worth it! Here comes a bloody fast and ultra capable adventure style boat which is big on volume, capability and practical options but absolutely knocks it out of the park with damn sexy looks from every angle."

"The Finnish flyer raises the bar!"

The Adventure Boat Company crew travels from Sydney to the Gold Coast, to deliver a new Saxdor 320 GTO to its new home.


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