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“The concept behind Saxdor Yachts is to make the next generation of affordable boats. These are premium craft with modern styling, the latest technology and an affordable price” Sakari Mattila

Saxdor 200 Sport | The Adventure Boat Company


"Fast, stylish, fun to drive and unbelievably good value for money while managing to look, feel and behave like a much more expensive craft."



"As playful as its older sibling, the 205 reveals its more serious face through the design of the deck and overall approach to onboard safety."

Saxdor 270 GTO | The Adventure Boat Company

270 GTO

"With the same relentless focus on performance, design, and value for money, the Saxdor 270 is one of the most versatile in its category."


320 GTO

"A new era of adventure orientated day boating has arrived. The ultimate entertainer, with an incredible driving experience."

Saxdor 320 GTC | The Adventure Boat Company

320 GTC

"Without question, the Saxdor 320 GTC is widely regarded as the ultimate adventure orientated day boat available in Australia."

Saxdor 400 GTC | The Adventure Boat Company

400 GTC

"The 400 is set to be an outstanding performer, with the ultimate blend of accommodation, performance, seakeeping, and efficiency."


A man who has always shunned the limelight, Sakari Mattila is, for people in the know, famous for not being famous, having never given a single interview in his illustrious thirty-year career.  One might find that almost incomprehensible in today’s world of instant news, mobile phones, and information overload.


However, it starts to make more sense when you realise that Sakari was the original founder and designer behind global boat brands such as Axopar, XO Boats, Paragon, and Aquador. Clearly then, Sakari is a man that’s comfortable with letting his work do the talking for him, and with all of his previous ventures quickly becoming multi-award winning brands, it’s easy to see why.

Since bursting onto the adventure boat scene in 2020, Saxdor has already become a compelling alternative to Axopar. With a quest to create the world’s most versatile, high performance-oriented adventure boats at incredible prices, it is unsurprising to discover that Saxdor has already been hailed as the most exciting brand to hit the market in years, with a multitude of awards and accolades already won around the world.


One might be forgiven for concluding that designing the world’s most exciting adventure boat brand was an integral part of Sakari’s plan all along – an evolution of award winning design 30 years in the making. But with his continuing habit of keeping out of the limelight, he once again seems content for others to be the judge of that.

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