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"Step to the wild side. With XO, exceptional becomes the new norm. Continuously challenging the status quo, we keep developing our boats and taking our customers further, to dimensions and experiences that once seemed to be out of reach."

XO DFNDR 8-3611.jpg


With its completely new concept is a true innovation, pushing the ideas of adaptability and configuration to the next level.

XO_DFNDR_9 - Defender-8913.jpg


This new center console multi-purpose boat has everything you need to overcome the rough seas.



Going beyond conventional requires curiosity and determination, and these virtues apply to both the developers and users



Delivering  the ultimate driving experience, in one of the versatile designs for modern boaters.



With its sea-keeping performance, striking design and year round comfort, this boat is ready for comfortable weekends away.


Each wave, gust and voyage is different. We design boats which are capable of handling all the conditions that mother nature may throw at you.

Scandinavian Design : We come from nordic Finland, a country known for its extreme conditions and gorgeous archipelago – said to be one of the most difficult areas to navigate in the world. Our boats have been inspired by these surroundings to provide you with the ultimate experiences.

The unique concept of XO boats is designed to suit the needs of a wide variety of active users. Our single most important feature that sets us apart from others is the ultimate driving experience. The aluminium hull gives our boats the characteristics of high quality, professional maritime vessels.

When the others are looking towards the horizon, XO is already there. We come from the northern, rugged and beautiful archipelago of Finland. These wild and endangered surroundings of the Baltic Sea have inspired our design and our philosophy: to create beautiful boats that can last a lifetime.

We care about the preservation of nature, which is why utilizing sustainable materials and finding new solutions to make the boating industry more environmentally friendly matters to us.

"XO Boats. Thoroughly in a class of its own."


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